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"Latin Fury!" Comes to New PBS Markets in March

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

We’re happy to share the news that “Latin Fury!” will be airing a television concert special on PBS in select American markets in March.

The “Latin Fury!” PBS airings are the first wave in an ambitious 2020 roll-out, which will include new international live show dates and new music releases in the months ahead.

As John Dexter – the creator-producer of “Latin Fury!” – explains, “We developed ‘Latin Fury!’ to create an unparalleled entertainment experience on stage. A show that would move a live audience to dance, cry, and leave having had the time of their lives. The TV special offers a taste of what makes ‘Latin Fury!’ so magical.”

Eric Luskin, Vice President of Acquisitions for American Public Television, agrees.

“Experiencing ‘Latin Fury!’ in person is a joy. But if you can't catch them live, seeing the TV special is the next best thing. So many televised concerts are a frustrating visual mess. With an intimate theater, innovative lighting and deft camera direction, ‘Latin Fury!’ is el major,” says Luskin.

Boasting over 20 PBS market airings to date, along with recent live shows in Argentina, Italy, and Uruguay, the early success of “Latin Fury!” is just the latest accomplishment for Dexter and is the next step towards crowning the show as an international entertainment tour-de-force. Dexter is currently finalizing 2020 show dates in Lima, Puerto Rico, Puerto Vallarta, Fort Lauderdale, along with other Canadian markets. Additionally, he’s putting the finishing touches on new “Latin Fury!” music for distribution by Warner Music Canada and Reliant’s international partners.

In the meantime, Dexter is confident that the new PBS airings will reinforce the international appeal of “Latin Fury!” and tantalize fun-loving audiences who are eager to embrace it.

The “Latin Fury!” PBS special was directed and co-produced by award-winning filmmakers Pierre and Francois Lamoureux, known for television projects like Harry Connick Jr’s Emmy award-winning shows, “In Concert on Broadway” and “Only You – The Concert”, as well as the award-winning PBS music series “Front and Center”. The “Latin Fury!” cast consists of Marc Devigne, Michael Murphy and Antonio Larosa.

“Latin Fury!” will begin airing in March on select PBS stations in the United States.

Check local listings. New music and live show details will be announced in the coming months!

You can visit the Latin Fury! YouTube channel for more videos and please subscribe while you’re there!

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