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Latin Fury Song Spotlight: "Smooth"

The Latin Fury! Song Spotlight Series takes a closer look at the songs that are part of the show.

This song spotlight is on “Smooth”!

“Smooth” was first written by Itaal Shur – known for his songwriting efforts for Enrique Iglesias, Jewel, and others – before it was re-shaped by Rob Thomas with the intention of having George Michael sing it.

Thomas eventually recorded a demo with the legendary Carlos Santana and their artistic magic led them to release their own version in 1999. The rest – as they say – is history.

“Smooth” was the first #1 song for Santana in nearly 30 years and its illustrious 30 week Top 10 stay on the Billboard Hot 100 included an astounding 12 weeks at the top of the charts. It remains the second most successful Billboard single of all-time behind Chubby Checker’s “The Twist”.

Just like its song title, “Smooth” is exactly that. It has an energy and style to it that feels effortless. In our live shows, Latin Fury! puts our own artistic stamp on “Smooth” by capturing the distinct energy of the song and giving the audience a rousing visual and auditory experience.

Here’s “Smooth” from Latin Fury! courtesy of our PBS Special:

You can visit the Latin Fury! YouTube channel for more videos like this and please take a moment to subscribe while you’re there!

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