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Latin Fury Song Spotlight: "All of Me"

The Latin Fury! Song Spotlight Series takes a closer look at the songs that are part of the show.

This song spotlight is on “All of Me”, which is also featured on our recent Latin Fury! EP, “Rojo”.

“All of Me" was the brainchild of John Legend, who wrote the song for his fiancee at the time, Chrissy Teigen. Co-produced by Legend and Dave Tozer, it was created as a passionate ballad on piano and after its 2014 release, it hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks and ultimately became the second-best selling song in America for the year.

The song is also known for its video, which was filmed in Italy prior to Legend and Teigen's marriage.

While Latin Fury! is known for its vibrant and high-energy moments, we love the simplistic and brilliant elegance of "All of Me" and what it adds to our show through a down-tempo and romantic delivery from our cast.

Here’s a live video of “All of Me” from the Latin Fury! PBS Special.

You can visit the Latin Fury! YouTube channel for more videos and please subscribe while you’re there!

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